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Hear from partners that saw exponential sales growth after working with us

LoudLion: Generating $100K in Revenue

Alex from LoudLion had tried several outreach strategies but was consistently let down—until he partnered with us. In just a few months, LoudLion saw remarkable results, generating over $100,000 in revenue. This success boosted their profitability and allowed them to scale their team and operations significantly.

CloseShark: 29 New Clients & a Growing Team in 10 Months

CloseShark had a goal to expand their client base and increase profitability significantly, but they needed the right partner to make it happen. Enter Hyperke Growth Partners.In just 10 months, CloseShark closed 29 new deals, saw a notable rise in profitability, and successfully grew their team. Here, Oli from CloseShark shares how this successful partnership made a remarkable difference in their business growth.

Josh & his team signed an international sports brand that sponsored Winter Olympics 2022

Josh had worked with multiple outbound agencies but had been disappointed. Naturally, he was hesitant when partnering with another agency.He decided to put his trust in us and within a few months, they were working with one of the largest brands they've ever signed - an international sports brand (that was also a sponsor for the Winter Olympics 2022).

Bradley signed 5 NEW deals in his first 4 weeks with us...

Most lead generation and sales agencies claim to bring you 10-20-50 leads per month. However, these leads rarely turn into anything fruitful. Our process, on the other hand, is built to eliminate bad leads and ensure you're focussing on prospects who want to buy.In this video, Bradley Benner from Semantic links shares how they closed 4 new B2B clients from 7 meetings booked in the first month. That's a 57% close rate on COLD leads.

V8 Media: 10 New Clients, $180K+ Revenue Growth

Luca Garcez from V8 Media shares how our collaboration boosted their international presence, securing 10 new clients and over $180,000 in annual revenue.Our tailored email marketing strategies delivered tangible results, driving bookings and closed deals consistently.

A few companies that we’ve won for our partners:

Anna @ Remotivate signed new clients while also receiving compliments on her Linkedin profile when using our Linkedin outreach systems

Anna, the founder and CEO at Remotivate worked with us for multichannel outreach through email and Linkedin. After we set up her Linkedin profile, she often received compliments from prospects on how the profile spoke to them.She even ended up signing a client without needing a sales call.We used personalized, non-spammy messaging to ensure her reputation in her network isn't negatively impacted due to Linkedin outreach efforts.

Here’s what our partners' inboxes look like after implementing the CORRECT outbound sales systems

Partners that Trust us:

Jesse Sanders - Amerisales

Jesse, the CSO at Amerisales, began working with us with a very specific requirement - they could only work with D2C e-commerce brands that are doing at least $1M/yr in revenue.Working with us, they booked calls with C-level execs at multiple 7 and 8-fig brands.

Ciaran - Blue Finn Media

Ciaran, the founder & CEO @ Bluefinn Media did not have enough time to train his team to set up and manage an efficient cold outreach machine. We worked with him and built their outbound prospecting system - complete with systems, processes and support over a period of 12 weeks. Here's what he had to say about his experience working with us:

Messaging ideas and offer positioning that helps you stand out

Jandre - V8 Media

Jandre de Beer, the founder and CEO at V8 Media describes his experience working with our team at Hyperke (formerly, Eagle Info Services) and shares how they've been able to grow internationally.

And we don’t stop at interested responses…
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